Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lilly's 3rd Birthday Party

We celebrated Lilly's 3rd birthday party at the Treehouse at Glenview Baptist Church. It was awesome! The playscape was big enough that even the adults could climb and slide. I'm tempted to go ahead and book her party for next year already! Here are a few of my favorite pics from the party courtesy of Chris Gilbert. Thanks, Chris!
Birthday girl on the slides
Racing down the slide with sweet friends Savanna and Megan

Make a wish!

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Birth Experiences - A Side By Side Comparison

I am so thankful to God for both of my birth experiences, because they make me the woman I am today. Thought it might be interesting to compare the two, side-by-side and blow-for-blow.
Laboring with Lilly: Notice my one pillow I dragged to the hospital with me, the IV in my right arm, the hospital gown I'm wearing, and the machines and monitors I'm connected to. 12 hours of pitocin and oxygen masks, lying in bed. (This picture was taken right when I arrived at the hospital.)
Laboring with Everett: Notice I'm wearing what I'm most comfortable in, the lighting is nice, I've got lots of comfy pillows, I'm drinking what I want when I want, and there isn't a needle in sight.
Lilly's delivery: I pushed for almost 3 hours because I didn't labor down, never ever felt the urge to push, just purple-pushed when a monitor told me to. OB cut an episiotomy without ever telling me. First hands to hold her were the OB's and nurse's, First thing she laid on was a chux pad, and I look just a little disconnected and stunned.
Everett's delivery: Labored down (trying to buy time for the midwife to arrive!), pushed for about 17 minutes. I only pushed when I felt the urge, sometimes strongly, sometimes more gently. This allowed plenty of time for natural stretching, so no tearing and certainly no episiotomy. First hands to touch him were mine. The feeling can best be described as glorious elation, and I think Frank's face speaks louder than words.Lilly's first bath: Under a warmer, given by someone we don't know. Lilly cried the whole time.
Everett's first bath: A warm, candle-lit, herbal bath with Mommy. Daddy washed his hair. He was calm and alert.Lilly's Vitals: 7lb, 4oz 18 1/2 inches long

Everett's Vitals: 9lb, 9oz 21 1/2 inches long (And doesn't that look way more cozy than the flat scale?)

Happy 3rd Birthday, Lillian Cate!

I'm so thankful for my beautiful, smart, stubborn, silly, precious, loving, prayerful, honest, funny, perfect little girl. I'm so proud of the person she is, and who she is becoming. Mommy loves you, birthday girl!

Lillian Cate Rebarchik on August 25, 2006
Lillian Cate Rebarchik on August 25, 2007Lillian Cate Rebarchik on August 25, 2008Lillian Cate Rebarchik on August 25, 2009

Working Mommy and Other Randomness

We planned very carefully (with the Lord's blessing) when we would like to have our second child, and because of that I strategically avoided being big-pregnant in the summer AND ended up with 5 1/2 months of maternity leave. I somehow thought having a long maternity leave would make returning to work easier. It has not. My time home with them has been wonderful, especially over the last six weeks or so, that it has really broken my heart to go back to work on a regular basis. Fortunately, I work with some really amazing people, so my time away is filled with good conversation, laughter, and purposeful work. So, all that to say it has been a difficult transition back for me, but we are settling in nicely. The kids are back at Tassie's house, and love it. In another week or so, Lilly will start preschool... that's a whole other post in itself! Say tuned.

Here are a few pictures, just to catch up. They aren't at all related to the post. I know, I'm random.
Aren't they beautiful! Lilly's wearing princess panties, a long-sleeved pajama shirt, and a swimsuit. Quite the fashionista.
As of August 5, Everett can sit up on his own! Way to go, big guy! On the 26th, learned to log-roll as a form of transportation. That's right, folks. Our little man is mobile!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Colorado Vacation

The four of us took our first vacation together this past week to Colorado. Frank was being sent to Denver for a training Monday-Thursday, so since the hotel and car were already covered (thank you, City of Dallas) we got a fun fare and off we went. We left on last Thursday and spent the weekend visiting the Anthony family in Monument. It was so beautiful there. I don't think it got to 90 degrees the whole time we were there. So refreshing! Each morning, we had breakfast on their back patio, wrapped in a blanket, and enjoyed this view

While there, we visited the Focus on the Family headquarters, where there's an amazing interactive play area. Too bad I didn't run in to Dr. Dobson while we were there. I have a thing or two to pick his brain about. I'm sure he'll contact me once I send him this picture for the next cover of "The New Strong Willed Child"

After that, we visited the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs. It's the only zoo actually built on a mountain. It was very cool, but kind of a beating to push a stroller on.

Once we were in Denver and Frank was in trainings, I set out with the two hoodlums by myself. I totally get now why single parents rarely vacation. GAH. First we went on a tour of the Hammond's Candy Factory and got to see them making candy canes. I was impressed, but Lilly was just concerned about getting her lollipop.
One of our favorite things to do was to eat dinner out together at restaurants with a patio. Having dinner, outside, not sweating, was awesome! Everett was even content in his seat as long as we were outside. Everett didn't really get that we were in Denver. All he knew was that Mommy and Daddy were happy and relaxed, and Lilly was excited, so he was a happy kid!

The kiddos and I enjoyed a trip to the Denver Children's Museum. Lilly's favorite part was playing, in costume, on the firetruck. She got to make the lights and sirens work, and drive the truck. But her most important job of the day was taking care of the (stuffed) firedog.

We also enjoyed dinner at the Downtown Aquarium one evening. What a beautiful restaurant! We sat next to a huge tank full of "Nemos and Dorys." The best part was when the diver came into the tank and fed the fishes right next to us. Then he gave Lilly a high five through the glass.

Our last night there, we went with the Anthony's to Casa Bonita, which is this really fun, really huge all-you-can-eat Mexican food restaurant. There's a waterfall inside, where a diver comes out and cliff dives about every 20 minutes. They had pirate shows, arcades, caves to explore, and mariachi bands to enjoy. The room we were seated in had a huge stage, with a magic show once an hour. The magician wasn't the best, but at least we got Abby volunteered to be his lovely assistant. Somehow, Lilly managed to find her way on-stage as well. Her favorite part was interrupting the "Miller Time" act to wave and yell, "HI MOMMY! LOOK AT ME!!!" from the stage. I was so proud. :)

Much to our surprise, the security line at the airport was unbelievable! So we missed our 3pm-6pm flight home. So we hopped on a 4:45 plane to Phoenix, then hopped on another plane to El Paso, then on to Dallas. We got home around 11:30 with two very tired little ones. Fortunately, they were amazingly well behaved. I was so proud of my little troopers! We were sad to leave Colorado, with the beautiful weather and the Anthonys, but it sure was nice to have everyone in their own bed (and in their own ROOMS) again!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bellies in Bloom

There are three reasons I'm putting up this link to my dear friend, Hannah's, website.

1. Her blog is an EXCELLENT source of unbiased information on natural childbirth, choices in vaccinating, circumcision, etc. Good stuff!

2. Hannah is a dear friend and a fantastic doula.

3. She's having contest on her blog, and even though I won her last blog contest, I'm DYING to get a pair of her homemade baby shoes. So here I go again!

PLEASE VISIT www.belliesinbloom.blogspot.com !

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Frank!

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful man I've ever known. I love you, and couldn't be more pleased that God chose you to be the daddy to our children. I wouldn't want to face this parenting adventure with anyone but you.